Use A Digital Marketing Expert To Achieve More from Your Online Marketing

An experienced Digital Marketing Consultant and Freelancer who can increase your website performance to obtain you more traffic, leads and sales.

I’m Murray Dare, a marketing strategist who can help you take your online strategy to the next level.

My digital experience includes SEO, PPC, Website Conversion, Content Marketing, Email, Social Media, Partnerships and Affiliates. I have also recruited entire digital marketing teams, each member with their own specialisations.  You can expect a lot of knowledge from my teams to be passed down to your business.

I have built websites from scratch, led web development teams and managed large redesign and migration projects for big clients. This experience allows me to neatly bridge the gap between Marketing and IT, something only a few marketers can say.

I also have a great team who can design and develop elegant, responsive websites, meaning you only need to have one conversation with me to achieve big things.

If you are looking for a freelancer who can ensure your website obtains better results, I am your guy.

Some people talk the talk, but their reports are fluffy and full of jargon. My work is transparent with practical and smart metrics. You can expect me to be honest and simple, nothing less.

Feel free to get in touch with me and let’s talk about the results you want to achieve from your marketing strategy. Like I often say – The obstacle is the way, you just need to understand how to overcome it. Hiring a marketing consultant such as myself can get you the results you want, quickly.

Companies I have worked with


Murray is a rare marketing professional, one who not only excels at the traditional qualitative marketing activities, but also fully understands the qualitative side too.An integrated thinker, Murray excels at business analysis, supplier sourcing, strategy creation, internal communication, activity implementation and result generation.The market is full of people that profess to know, but Murray genuinely is one who does and can generate the results.I have worked with Murray for many years and can say that he would be an asset to any business.

Marketing Director (eCommerce) - Randstad

Murray was easily one of the most dedicated professionals at XLN. He has no problem with the hard work and he consistently developed new ideas to push the business forward, completely rethinking the way that online marketing worked.Murray built great relations with others in the business, especially within his team.He has an honest approach to management with an ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing role.

George Vokas - Analyst - XLN Telecom

It’s been a pleasure to work with Murray. His ideas, foresight and implementation of projects really drove the online marketing channels forward. Very personable and enthusiastic, he has a great management style and created an upbeat and positive working environment.

Fiona Edwards - Director - APM London

How I can help you increase your website performance

Key areas where a digital marketing consultant could help increase your traffic, leads and sales.



The higher you rank on Google, the more leads for your company! I can grow your presence on Google and other search engines.



Every business needs a great website. I can design a website that’s striking, optimised, and responsive for your audience.



Email and social media can bring massive ROI. I can convert your subscribers and followers to become loyal buyers.



Great content helps your business and authority grow. Let me engage your audience and nurture your brand.



Make your website work hard for you. I can optimise your website to convert buyers quickly.



Affiliate websites can help sell your product for you. An effective marketing tool for those brands that want to grow fast.

Marketing Consultancy Services in London
and the UK

As a marketing consultant, I have been helping companies achieve more from their marketing strategies for ten years. A combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and efficient web development and design has provided a blueprint for obtaining increased visibility to key target audiences across a broad set of industries.

If you are looking for a marketing consultant or freelancer in London or the UK with a proven record of achievement, then you are in the right place. I can plan and execute website and marketing strategies across all your marketing channels to achieve the results you want.

Transparent and Personable

Expect honest, jargon-free communication between myself and your business. Online marketing is often cited as complicated when it doesn’t have to be. I explain marketing concepts and strategies clearly for any audience, not just for marketing or IT people. My time is allocated to provide you with an understanding of what is needed and how long it will take. Unlike most online marketing agencies, I pride myself on being very open with all my methods, communications and strategies. You can expect to learn the what, how, why and when behind everything I do.

Results focused

Return on Investment (ROI) is the benchmark of any online marketing strategy. You need to understand where your money is going, what it is doing and how much of it is returning to your business. All my marketing strategies are completely measurable, so you can see what strategies are working. If your SEO or conversation optimisation strategy isn’t working, we will instantly know about it. This approach to marketing ensures that less time, cost and effort is wasted.

Knowledgeable and Comprehensive Marketing Consultant Services

Years of testing and refining online marketing activities have provided me with a clear roadmap for achieving measurable results in everything I do. Certain online marketing strategies have continually proven to be effective, especially across SEO, content marketing and website conversion. Every campaign I work on brings these learned methods to generate tangible results. As I am accountable for everything I do as an online marketing consultant, you can expect less time being wasted on marketing ideas that don’t perform.

Online marketing strategies need to be comprehensive but prioritised. This means you understand how much each marketing channel is worth, but choosing to focus on the channels that are going to achieve the fastest results. I can prioritise your marketing strategy to obtain the traffic, leads and sales you need quickly, ensuring you are getting the best results from your marketing investment, in the short and long term. Working with an online marketing consultant such as myself can put your business marketing in the right direction.

A Flexible Marketing Approach

Creating high performing websites and online campaigns take time. I can work as a managed service or can easily work as part of your business, depending on your marketing requirements. When deadlines are tight, I can easily dedicate more time to ensure every deadline is met.

Having the flexibility of a marketing consultant can save you money in the long term because you are using the marketing services you need, nothing else, thus reducing the need to be spending money without results.

Getting Started

Hiring a great marketing consultant to handle your new website build or marketing campaign is easy. Just get in touch, and we can start improving your online presence today. If you are looking for someone who can help you build a new website, audit your current website or manage your future marketing campaigns, then get in touch. You will be getting a loyal marketing consultant who cares and can be an asset to the growth of your business.

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